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Annual Partnership

Start a Marriage Ministry with No Staff Required
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What’s included in the partnership?

Training & Support

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Small Group Study

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A Marriage Ministry with No Staff Required.

Being a MarriedPeople partner is like having a marriage ministry team at your church.

You do what only you can do and we’ll take care of the rest.

Still need help convincing your church leadership?

What Our Partners Are Saying

“I’m not having to create all the marketing around the different resources.

Everything is ready for me to focus on building the relationships and connecting people to the great stuff we’re sending out. “

Jarrod Martin

The Journey Church

We had a hard time finding other resources that focused on enriching ALL marriages rather than just  those starting out or in crisis.

Since we deeply believe in the approach, this is the only marriage ministry resources we would think to recommend.

Leslie Mills

Meadow Heights Church

“I don’t have to create content! It’s great to be able to study the content and adapt (if needed) rather than having a blank canvas with no strategy.

I feel equipped to take a step while knowing the next step.”

Josh Fortney

Pathway Church

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this a year’s worth of content?

When we say a year’s worth, we really mean that we give you content to plan out an annual marriage strategy. It doesn’t mean that we are providing 52 weeks of content, and the reason for that is simple—not every couple wants to focus on their marriage 365 days a year, 52 weeks of the year. Life happens. There are other things going on that require time and attention. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

The MarriedPeople strategy pack contains four Larger Group Experiences, a multi-week Small Group study, four Date Nights, and 12 issues of MP Monthly. The pack gives you over 25 touch-points to encourage couples to connect and practice the four core habits in a way that follows the natural ebb and flow of daily, grown-up life. You can also customize it to work with the current structure of your church.

Does the content change every year? When?

Yes! Every year we produce new content so you can continue your marriage strategy with fresh, new and powerful resources that connect couples and encourage them to invest in their relationship. The new annual Strategy Pack is usually available in April of every year.

I signed up and haven’t received anything in the mail. Why?

Our Strategy Pack resources are available only as an online, downloadable resource. You will need to log into your Orange account to gain access.

If you are new to Orange, you should have received an email with a username and password. If you haven’t, please contact us at

When will I have access to the resources once I make a purchase?

You get to choose when you want to start! You will have access starting the month of your start date.

If you would like immediate access to start planning out your year, put your start date as the current month.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you wish to cancel your account, you have a 60 day window for cancellation and will be refunded the money for the package you have purchased, minus a charge of the following per downloaded files:

  • $150 for every Larger Group Experience you have downloaded.
  • $150 for any of the 5 Small Group Experience files downloaded.
  • $75 for any of the Individual Couple Experience files downloaded.

A download is defined as any component of a series that has been downloaded by any user on the account. A cancellation fee of $50 may also be charged.

Still Have Questions?