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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Are there any training videos or materials available?

Yes, if you purchase the strategy pack, you will have access to multiple training documents that will help you implement the resources. When you log into your account, simply click on the training tab to access these materials.

What kind of support or coaching can I expect from MarriedPeople?

As a partner of MP, you will have access to an MP Orange Specialist. They are here to help you. Need a plan for implementing our strategy? They can help. Need to know how to decorate for a large group event? They can help. Need help customizing the resources to fit your church? They can help. Need help with budget items? They can help. Get the idea. They can help. Just ask.

Who is my Orange Specialist for MarriedPeople?

Nancy Squires is the Orange Specialist for MarriedPeople, and we personally think she’s a genius. She can help you figure out how the MarriedPeople strategy fits for your particular church, and also give you lots of great tips and secrets to make the most of the resources we provide. You can contact her via email at

Do the MarriedPeople resources work like the other Orange curriculums?

Yes and no.

Yes, the MP resources are available as downloads.
No, you will have access to the entire year’s worth of content immediately (unlike our other curriculums which are released monthly and/or quarterly), but that access is limited to the entire 12 months of your subscription. After your subscription expires, your access does too.

Are all the MarriedPeople resources downloadable?

No, we offer some physical products. Our main resource, the Strategy Pack, is an online only resource as well as our MP Monthly subscription. But our small group studies are offered two ways, as a physical product or as downloadables. (The exception to this is the US Small Group study which is digital only.)

Other than the Strategy Pack and MP Monthly, what other resources do you offer?

For churches or organizations that want to ease their way into a marriage strategy, we provide the components of the Strategy Pack individually.

The cost is a higher than the Strategy Pack when you purchase these items a la carte, but it will allow you to build your own strategy.

Also, MarriedPeople offers videos to use for sermon illustrations or Larger Group Experiences, books and more. Check out our online store.

What if I decide that the MarriedPeople resources aren’t for us? What is your cancellation policy?

If you wish to cancel your account, you have a 60 day window for cancellation and will be refunded the money for the package you have purchased, minus a charge of the following per downloaded files:

  • $150 for every Larger Group Experience you have downloaded.
  • $150 for any of the 5 Small Group Experience files downloaded.
  • $75 for any of the Individual Couple Experience files downloaded.

A download is defined as any component of a series that has been downloaded by any user on the account. A cancellation fee of $50 may also be charged.

Annual Partnership Questions

How is the strategy pack a year’s worth of content?

When we say a year’s worth, we really mean that we give you content to plan out an annual marriage strategy. It doesn’t mean that we are providing 52 weeks of content, and the reason for that is simple—not every couple wants to focus on their marriage 365 days a year, 52 weeks of the year. Life happens. There are other things going on that require time and attention. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

The MarriedPeople strategy pack contains four Larger Group Experiences, a multi-week Small Group study, four Date Nights, and 12 issues of MP Monthly. The pack gives you over 25 touch-points to encourage couples to connect and practice the four core habits in a way that follows the natural ebb and flow of daily, grown-up life. You can also customize it to work with the current structure of your church.

How much does the Strategy Pack cost?

The Strategy Pack costs $499 and provides you with over 25 different touchpoints to help couples connect as part of an overall marriage strategy for your church. If you have 20 couples in your church, that’s an average of $25 per couple . . . a great investment both for your church, families and community!

Does the content of the Strategy Pack change every year? When?

Yes! Every year we produce new content so you can continue your marriage strategy with fresh, new and powerful resources that connect couples and encourage them to invest in their relationship. The new annual Strategy Pack is usually available in April of every year.

How long do I have access to the Strategy Pack resources?

When you purchase the MarriedPeople Strategy Pack, you are actually purchasing a one-year product license, giving you one full year of access to the content and right of use. You have 12 months from your start date.

Can you connect me with other churches using the MarriedPeople Strategy?

Sure, go to and you can search churches within a 50-mile radius of where you are. If you don’t find a church in your area, contact us and we’ll see what we can do to connect with you someone via e-mail or social media.

Our Facebook MarriedPeople Leader’s Group is also another great way to connect with other marriage ministry leaders. This is closed group, but all you have to do is request to join.

I purchased a Strategy Pack and haven’t received anything in the mail. Why?

Our Strategy Pack resources are available only as an online, downloadable resource. You will need to log into your Orange account to gain access. If you are new to Orange, you should have received an email with a username and password. If you haven’t, please contact us at

What do I do if I am having trouble accessing the Strategy Pack resources?

Contact the MP Orange Specialist at and we can help you login and navigate your way through your account.

When will I have access to the Strategy Pack resources once I make a purchase?

You get to choose when you want to start! You will have access starting the month of your start date. If you would like immediate access to start planning out your year, put your start date as the current month.

Strategy Questions

I’m having a meeting with key leaders and volunteers about the MarriedPeople Strategy. Do you have any resources for me to use?

Yes, there are several resources we would suggest, and here’s how you can find them.

  • two-minute video about the MarriedPeople strategy
  • An audio of Ted Lowe, founder and director of MarriedPeople, unpacking the MP strategy at the 2013 Orange Conference- “The Missing Link
How can I find out more about the MarriedPeople strategy?

Check out the book, Married People: How Churches Can Build Marriages That Last by Ted Lowe and Doug Fields. This book, co-written by MarriedPeople founder and director, Ted Lowe, will not only explain the vision and strategy behind MarriedPeople, but give you great “how-tos” for date nights, Large Group Experiences, Small Groups. Also, the book includes case studies of how other churches implement the MarriedPeople strategy.

Resource Download Questions

Forgot your username and password?

Contact your MP Orange Specialist. They can look it up for you. (Yes, we have access to your password, Mr. “Ilovefluffybunnies09.”)

What is a primary and secondary user on my account?

The primary users have full access to manage the account and access to all the resources. The secondary users can only access the resources, but they are not able to manage or make changes to the account.

How do I change the primary user on my account?

To change the primary user information, the current primary user can log in and modify the account with updated information.

Should the primary user leave or change, a secondary user, or new ministry leader can change the primary user info by contacting us.

How do I change my start date?
What about couples who are stuck or struggling?

What makes the MarriedPeople strategy different is that it is proactive. However, every church has to deal with couples in crisis.

That’s why we partnered with marriage experts and therapists Dr. Terry Hargrave and Dr. Shawn Stoever. Whether your marriage needs to be rescued from desperate trouble or simply could improve from good to great, change is possible. Find out more about 5 Days to a New Marriage.

Still have questions?