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Your church empowers couples. We empower you.

Most churches don’t have the staff or budget for a marriage ministry.

That’s why we provide the resourcestraining and community to get you started.

Watch this to learn more about our strategy.

Many churches don’t have a strategy to impact marriage.

The church spends most of the time reacting to the needs of the minority rather than being proactive with the needs of the majority.

The MarriedPeople approach is a proactive strategy

MarriedPeople is more than a product or program. It’s a comprehensive partnership that works with your church to impact marriages.

We help you be proactive by reaching married couples in three ways

We help couples connect using principles called the Core 4 Habits.

Have Serious Fun

The best way to protect your marriage is to enjoy it.

Respect and Love

Our spouse doesn’t bring out the worst in us—they reveal the brokeness in us.

Love God FIrst

Loving God in your invidiual life  impacts your married life.

Practice Your Promise

Marriage is not about the big daybut the every day.

Partner with MarriedPeople to start impacting marriages today.